Shamanic Tourism

Ayahuasca, tourism vs tradition (full talk)
– Jerónimo M.M.

Talk given at the 3rd Amazonian Shamanism Conference, addressing the commercialization and banalization of “shamanism”. Sorry if I get a bit emphatic at times, some of the things I had seen that week had gotten me pretty worked up.

The talk was rather hastily prepared, most of it improvised on the spot, so I made a few factual mistakes. Here´s a few corrections: Pastoral poetry began with Teocritus in 300 bc, not 3000 years ago as I said. Tenochtilan was conquered by the Spaniards with the help of 20,000 Tlaxcalans, but most importantly, of a huge smallpox epidemic which decimated the Aztecs I’m not sure ukelele’s feature prominently in cowboy music, and although there is a polka influence in maricahis there are lots of other elements in its very diverse origins, that example which I made up on the spot, doesn’t really hold close scrutiny, same goes for the argument about the preservation of the blues.. let me know if you hear any more! If you want to know more about the topic of new age plastic shamans “Who owns native culture,” deals with every aspect of the appropriation of traditional knowledge, not just spiritual and religious practices. And here they have some very interesting forums although, in my opinion, they might be a bit too extreme.

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