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Puerto Vallarta, México.

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The information provided in this website is the product
of many years of research and experience,
both in the cultivation of the plants and in the bioassay of them.
We have made every effort to insure the accuracy of these listings
but the science is constantly changing
and we strongly recommend that anyone using this website
as a reference work
of any type consult multiple additional sources.
We are neither pharmacists, doctors nor “shamans.”
We are botanists and we simply sell plants, seeds and books.

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– This is a private nursery and is not open to the public at this time –

XPlanta is owned and operated by Rick and Sarah Hepting who have lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta since 2005.

Rick Hepting created, owned and operated in California, USA, Theatrum Botanicum, a mail order Rare Plant Nursery. Theatrum Botanicum was founded in 1989 and sold by Rick and Sarah in 2005. It is no longer in operation. Before founding Theatrum Botanicum in 1989, Rick owned and operated for 10 years a typesetting, publishing and graphic design shop, BERKELEY TYPE, in Berkeley California.

Sarah Hepting owned and operated an organic truck farm in Laytonville, California, from 1985 until 2000 when she became a partner in Theatrum Botanicum. She was an officer and founding member of the Mendocino County Farmers Market.

XPlanta is a hidden Vivero. Seeing it from the street, it looks no different than many other buildings here in Puerto Vallarta, with the normal plaster and brick facade and a plant-lined roof. The difference is the type of plants lining this roof. We have two roof levels filled with plants from all over the world, plants that you will have trouble finding anywhere outside of their original environments, plants that have intricate, sometimes dangerous, sometimes healing relationships with humanity.

We also own and operate: